Chief Physician & Managing Director
K. V Vijith

Our Ayurveda department is lead by Dr. Vijith K.V., BAMS, S/o. Late Dr. K.V. Vijayan, is now the torchbearer of the fourth generation of noble traditional Ayurveda family “Kalladath Valappil” in ‘Mezhathur’, Palakkad district, Kerala. Dr. Vijith K.V. completed his BAMS from Vishnu Ayurveda College, affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala.  

Dr. Vijith K.V. brings with him a vast experience of 15 years in the Hospital Management & Manufacturing Sector. He is the managing partner of KEVEES PHARMACEUTICALS and Managing Director and Chief Physician at Dr. K.V. Vijayan Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science Private Limited. He also has experience of running clinics, viz managed a hospital for several years. However, Dr. Vijith K.V. has proven his management and leadership capabilities, with the accelerated growth of Kevees Pharmaceuticals & VIAMS by setting up and managing several agencies and clinics across the country in a matter of 15 years. Dr. Vijith K.V. is also an industry-wide, respected and highly sought after persona. He provides motivation and leadership to several Ayurveda students, who look up to him as their role model. The wellness division of Dr. K.V. Vijayan Institute of Ayurveda Medical Science Private Limited was launched in the year 2019 as Mitra AyurSpa, where the guests can experience Holistic Ayurveda treatments and all types of Spa services, now at Goa and Kerala.

Dr. Vijith K.V. is a visionary with a sharp taste for innovation. He was solely responsible for bringing the idea of "concept treatments" and "special preparations" in his ideology – innovation never stops. The skillset which Dr. Vijith K.V. brings to an organization is intangible.

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